Monday, July 16, 2007

Spent the day with the beautiful Holly Calica - one of our Fulbright fellows. I reminded Holly that today is the first anniversary of our Fulbright trip to Davao...and we reminisced about the 5-week journey and how magical it all was and still is.

Holly found relatives everywhere she went in Davao and Manila and she's never even been to the Philippines prior...but thanks to a mother who keeps track of relatives, Holly reconnected with all of them.

Holly is a dancer, visual artist, art teacher, and a contributor to the babaylan book!

She was happy to get out of foggy San Francisco and we wandered in and out of shops in Sonoma. Holly found a Ghanaian mask at the Church Mouse - great find!

It was a welcome break from my summer rituals. Actually, I've grown accustomed to my Cave but Holly's stories lured me out into the sun today.

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