Thursday, July 05, 2007


Why I like this issue:
1. Copenhagen is redesigning classrooms. Bosch and Fjord architects designed "upholstered reading tubes," "sculptural Hot Pots," "colourful concentration booths." Philosophy: Honor the way children process information.

2. Vandana Shiva on the "dark side of the Green Revolution" in Africa. What's revolutionary about dispossessing small farmers and contaminating the food chain and economic systems with toxic fertilizers?

3. Jonathan Rowe (who is married to a Filipina), writes about OFW remittances as a losing game, "and it won't change until the country's leaders find a way to channel more remittance money into genuine grassroots development."

4. Small is the new approach to entrepreneurship for the 21st century. Or why the maker of Clif Bar has refused to grow.

5. Why corn is not the best alternative energy. Switchgrass and Jatropha are.

6. How Picasso changed how we see the world. By Ben Okri (need I say more?).

7. The Harvard-educated king of Bali, Indonesia says: Bali must offer tourists Bali, not a museum.

7. US health care system: the worse health money can buy.

8. Amory Lovins says: Darwin beats Descartes.

9. Bernard Lietaer says: The current money system is a monopoly that promotes scarcity and stimulates competion. That monopoly limits the amount of choice for people to develop...and blocks the processing of human energy. The current money system must evolve to a higher level of complexity or it will collapse.

(what, you thought all i do is dream?)

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