Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just arrived: Songs of the Philippines: Huning Kaungalingun (One's Own Musical Sounds) by Priscilla Magdamo, Siliman University ethnomusicologist. This is a compilation of folk songs from the Bilaan, Manobo and Tiruray peoples of Mindanao. Thank you, Ceres, for connecting me to Priscilla.

This has been the most amazing summer of conversations and connections! Some of the previous posts here about Eros and power have caused some of you to delurk to join the conversation in private. It feels as if there has been a need to have a container for all the stories that have waited to be told. Until now. Once we gave ourselves permission to be vulnerable and trusting, we realized that we have always been connected in a very primal way. As the masks fall away, we become each other's Kapwa again. What a precious gift!

If you still want to have a Tiny Book, email me: lenystrobel@sbcglobal.net. Meritage Press delivers around the world!

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