Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jean, Barry, Ernesto, Jordan, and Jack -- will soon get their copy of TINY BOOK. Congrats! Now Eileen has moved on from raising monies to buy chickens to ...uh, buffaloes?

Which reminds me -- I heard from a friend that Senator Leticia Shahani was at the recent International Women's Peace Conference in Texas. She told a group of Filipinas and Filipina Americans that she is raising funds to finance a project that would allow the Philippines to import a super US caribou ($600 each) that is going to yield more milk, therefore more money for poor farmers, and that this stock should be put in farms and replace the indigenous carabaos. My friend who was at the meeting said that replacing indigenous carabaos doesn't sound like a good idea. She asked if this super caribou is genetically engineered or hybridized through animal husbandry. She didn't get an answer.

Maybe Eileen will come up with a strategy on how to save the Filipino carabao from getting trumped by the super caribou! You never know with poets... how they come up with ideas of feeding the world.

And speaking of feeding, I wrote this after getting sick yesterday from eating fish:

i think the poor fish didn't want to be genetically engineered, smoked, then frozen. It didn't want to cross the ocean, subjected to customs inspection, then smuggled into a California kitchen. by the time i finished my plate, i had eaten all its sadness.

For a moment, I felt like a Sin-eater.

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