Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Love To You

Since I've borrowed this phrase from Luce Irigaray, I thought I'd post some quotes from her book just in case the reader of this blog is wondering why I'm so fascinated by this phrase (well, what can I say? am a latecomer to Irigaray. However, I must say I've already had intuitive knowledge of what she's saying here; I just didn't know how to philosophize about it).

I love to you. "To" as the space for thought, for thought of you, of me, of us, of what brings us together and distances us, of the distance that enables us to become, of the spacing necessary for coming together, of the transubstantiation of energy, of the oeuvre.

To you: spacing in order to pass from affectivity to the spiritual, from interiority to exteriority. I see you, I hear you, I perceive you, I listen to you, I watch you, I am moved by you, astonished by you, I leave to breathe outside, I reflect with earth, water, stars. I think of you. Think of us, of two, of all men, all women. I begin to love, love to you, I return towards you. I try to speak, to tell to you: a feeling, a will, an intention, for now, for tomorrow, for a long time. I ask of you a place and time for today, for soon, for life, mine, yours, for the life of many.

The to you comes through breath trying to make itself speech. It seeks help from the outside, from thought, from History.

The to you enables expectation. It is not merely a present third term but a space of memory and birth. The to you is where we hold our own, engender, suspend already actualized action or truth. The to you reminder of the mediations necessary for the construction of History.

Belonging to a gender seems to guarantee a dialectic of alterity and intersubjectivity. Such fidelity enables us to withdraw from each other and to meet each other... The other, the irreducible, the one who remains without, forever unknown.

We try to hail ourselves, to give ourselves a sign. The one who touches brings joy. And how much must we love then to remain two? but isn’t this love at last/ love in the ideal? The bridge bettween the past and the future? The safeguard of life and time. The concentration and diffusion of an energy at work. Already formed but not accomplished, without final completion.

Beauty helps us discover a measure and direct the growth of relations between us. The dimension of love helps us to overcome immediate affect or attraction. It dwells while becoming, attracts while maintaining distance, allows for respect and contemplation. A sort of sun that illuminates in us and between us. Sometimes appearing in a gesture, a smile, a voice, a word, marks of a presence which approaches while distancing.

Without a doubt, we approached, maybe even passed by, one another. Your retreat reveals my existence, as my withdrawal is dedicated to you. May we come to recognize the intention here as a pathway leading indirectly to us.

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