Thursday, February 15, 2007

Notes to self and for anyone who stumbles on this page:

The Filipino and Filipino American Curriculum Conference plans are underway. Miriam and I met with the PEP (Pinoy Educational Partnerships) crew at San Francisco State University. So many topics for a two-day conference -- we will have to pick and choose. But good sign that there is a lot of interest in Fil Am educational issues.

In my classes, I am trying something new in my large classes (45!). They have formed online discussion groups to discuss among themselves The Racial Contract, Dismantling Privilege, A Language Older Than Words and other texts. It will be interesting to see how this medium translates into good learning outcomes.

TIm Wise/Feb 22, Lani Guinier/Feb 28, and Molefi Asante/Mar 8 -- will all be delivering talks on Campus.

And thank you again to Marjorie Light for reviewing my books for Galatea.

Peter Bacho's new novel, ENTRYS, is a must read. Here he revisits again the tension between Filipino immigrants and US-born Fil Ams -- mutual misperceptions, requited and unrequited recognitions, the undercurrent of love and disdain, and the search for the elusive hope and reconciliation. Thank you, Peter! May the dialogues continue...

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