Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Thoughts on: Bino Realuyo's The Gods We Worship Live Next Door

Post-Memorial Day confession: I found myself muttering: If You do not wage War, You don't have to memorialize the war dead. I silently gasped at my irreverence. But I felt unrepentant.

In this book, the Poet reminds us of War: also called --
Invasions, Conquests, Domination, Pillage,
Rape, Sabotage, Murder, Genocide, Betrayals

Or whatever pseudonym You want to call it --
War for Freedom, Democracy, Liberty
War to civilize, christianize

But the Poet says: This is how War feels. This is how it Scars us. This is how Pain Lingers. For Flor Contemplacion. Sarah Balabagan. A Hero-father's death refused its due Honor. Comfort women.

War prevents You from knowing that Gods Live Next Door.

You will never know these Gods.
You will never worship them
In your Failure, You become Contempt.
Contempt festers into Hatred.

The Serpent eats its own tail.
You will never know this lesson.

And the gods in whose name
You wage War
Will be Indifferent.

Denying resurrection.
Not even reincarnation.

The distance between You
and Your god will never Heal.

Try the Gods Next Door.
They might have Salve for you.
Maybe even Absolution.

Try Poetry.
As You read these poems
Remember History.

Heal Thyself.

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