Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dear Barb -
Am rushing to leave for class but wanted to take a moment to let you know how I've been trying to come up with something coherent in English re the racist remarks in Ron's blog. Maybe I should try Kapampangan, eh? (me, too, didn't know Eileen is fluent in Ilocano! Yay!!). Some thoughts:

You know you've arrived on the center stage of Poetry when racist people refuse to give you that space. They keep trying to steal the limelight. They can't bear not being in the limelight because the dark scares them. The dark scares them because they are haunted by the dirty little things they've kept in the dark for so long. Now having to face those dirty little things as you mirror it for them in your poetry, they are scrambling for shelter -- mockery, put-downs, misspellings -- hmm, could these perhaps be the symptoms of an impending nervous breakdown? There is no shelter out there. Not even our forgiveness. For it is they who need to forgive themselves. The prayers in poeta are amulets, Barb - babaylan weapons - and they've just struck a bunch of racists who may not realize that by being so blatantly out front with it, they've just began a long process of detoxification (even if unconsciously desired).

ok, till here, more later after class:-)) be well...

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