Saturday, February 11, 2006

Barb and Gladys and a few others are talking about the exploitation of Filipinas via the penpal business. What is needed is another blog that talks about the deceit perpetuated by the men. Here are a few examples that were personally told to me by their victims:

1. White guy writes his Filipina penpal that he owns a house;single; he's 35; and he is a dentist. He borrowed money to give the Filipina a big wedding in the Philippines to impress her family. THen when she arrived in the U.S., he said: "By the way, dear, I don't own a house; I'm 55, I have two small kids; I'm divorced, and I'm retired."

2. A White man married to a Filipina tells me: Please help my wife find a job because she has to work and make money. I am a disabled veteran and I can't work.
Later I asked to talk to his wife and she tells me: He told me he owns his own home and he has a job; it turns out he lives in a trailer in the woods and he doesn't work. I am a chemical engineer in the Philippines! Had I known the truth about him, I wouldn't have married him.

3. A few years ago, I got a phone call from an acquaintance who called me to intervene in a domestic violence dispute involving his Filipina neighbor who is being physically abused by her husband. I called the Filipina but she was so scared that she told me not to report to the police and she promised that as soon as she gets her legal status she would leave him.

How many more untold stories like these are out there?

Then there is the rest of the story. All of the above women eventually left their husbands, worked on empowering themselves, then went on to build their own lives -- without these kinds of men.

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