Monday, January 02, 2006

Texting out 2005!

Nothingness has killed itself, and creation is its wound (George Buchner). Here's to creation and more creativity in 2006 and bye-the-bye to the nothingness of 2005.! (From Oca Campomanes).

Mula sa Kanyang Kagandahang-loob, napusuan ng Diyos na makipagkapwa-tao. Yan ang diwa ng Pasko. (Paring Bert Alejo).

Malipayon Nga Paskua Kag Mahamungayaon nga Bag-ong Tuig sa inyo nga tanan dira (Perla Daly).

As for New Year's Resolutions, here's what TV Patrol street interviews around Manila reveal: Gusto kong magpaka-bait (I just want to be kinder). I am struck by this. The folks could have wished for a new president, a better job, more money...but no, they resolve to be kinder. I am embarrassed. I know, if asked, this would not have been my response. I might have said I wish for world peace. And would being kind-er bring about world peace? Yes, it would. Yes, it would! Let it begin with me.

Kindness was last on my mind as 2005 drew to a close. I was tired from the end of semester stress and the holidays creeping so fast with hardly a lull in between. Barely managed to mail Christmas cards and still missed quite a few beloveds. And then there was my son's large disappointment over an employment situation that weighed us down. It was Noah that saved our Christmas... as that is the work of angels -- to take us beyond our hopelessness into a widening space for dreaming anew.

And the water poured and poured. Water cleanses, a friend emails...I listen. I listen.

It wasn't easy returning to this blog. Conversations with Jean about academics who blog made me realize that I have, to some extent, plus the real constraint of time, been censoring myself for fear that the academic blog police would find this one out.

I think reading Tom Beckett's interview with Jean opened up a space within me for letting go of these irrational fears. It is Jean's points about listening to the body, to be like "ether" and to be "tethered" at the same time, to "go on with your nerves", to be embodied...and so many other gems... that finally made me enter this space again.

Plus, it seems only fitting that I acknowledge the gifts that come to me when reading my favorite people's blogs: Eileen, Jean, Barb, Michelle, Bino, and all the folks that they link to. Thinking back on your posts for 2005 and all that has been achieved/accomplished -- this indeed has been a year of nothingness! Thank you for being.

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