Sunday, October 09, 2005

This has been a week of Good.

On Friday night, I read at The Sitting Room, a community library and reading room in Sonoma County, loving tended to by JJ Wilson, retired professor of English and world-re-known expert on Virginia Woolf.

But what is a Filipino event without food eh? Before the program, we feasted on adobo, laing, fruit salad, lumpia and leche flan (made by JJ from a Filipino recipe), salads and a plethora of desserts.

Ianthe Brautigan,
who was supposed to do the introductions but had to beg off because she was invited to read Ken Kesey at the Litquake event at Herbst Theatre, asked her friend Joan Frank (author of Boys Keep Being Born and Miss Kansas City and winner of several literary awards) to introduce A Book of Her Own.

This was like a “coming-out” event for me in my own backyard and it was so gratifying to have many friends and new folks come for the reading. Three Fil Am women came and were surprised to know that I live in this community. I felt a bit embarrassed to admit that I am a no-show at many Fil Am community events.

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