Friday, September 02, 2005

Why do journalists, government officials keep referring to the victims of Katrina as "these people??" If most of the victims were white and uppermiddle class will they be called "these people?" No. Most likely they will be called "our fellow Americans" or "brothers and sisters" and other endearing terms. But the unfolding disaster, chaos, all point to what the Rev. Cecil WIlliams said: "we are seeing what it means to be black and poor in this country."

And what does Franklin Graham say? He says "these people" and our country need God. We need to put God back into our classrooms!!

There -- i needed to get that off my chest. Read more here and here.

A Fil Am professor, Linda Pierce, was flooded out in Hattisburg but she was able to escape to Memphis and is temporarily staying with friends. Her friends are asking for monetary help for Linda as she has no access to her bank and belongings and she doesn't know when she can get back home.

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