Saturday, September 03, 2005

Someone from a listserve posted another religious spin on KAtrina: God is punishing New Orleans because it sponsors festivals like "Southern Decadence" -- which celebrates homosexuality. To which a Filipino gay male said: You moron, don't you know that God is gay? He created us in his im-Aids? Lame joke.

Another spin (from a Reuters report): God is punishing the US for what it did to Iraq.

Last night as I watched the news coverage about small towns in Mississippi coping with the disaster, I noted that the journalists weren't using the term "this people" as often as they used it when referring to the Blacks in New Orleans.

The world, including the victims of the Asian tsunami, is looking at the US and are finally seeing (and wondering) that the most "civilized" country in the world may not be civilized after all. We are exposed naked and shamed.

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