Saturday, September 17, 2005

From dear Rene Navarro reading A BOOK OF HER OWN:

Dear Leny,

Your "A Book of Her Own" is very affecting on a very deep level of consciousness and psyche. It reveals your private journey through the dark woods into the light at the other end. Through studies, therapy, exploration of cross-cultural courses and roles, dreamscapes, memories, dialogs, whatever you've found along the way.

Ultimately, what the book represents is a search for the self as much as a search for a culture. Beyond the post-colonial, westernized values, dreams, lifestyles, the meretricious facade of materialism, the anomie and inferiority of the conquered people. A journey into the world outside as much as the world within.

Where is your native soil? It's been planted to a variety of trees and bushes. It's difficult to see what belongs to you and what does not. There are no labels on each species, nothing to identity its source and provenance and there are no clear roads and signposts to that place.

It's the predicament of the Filipino -- existential, cultural, psychological, intellectual, emotional.

It speaks of a Stygian descent, a turning point, a battle with demons and humans, a shedding of skins, a journey back to the homeland, a rebirth as a babaylan, a Return to the Source. Isn't that the script for liberation in ancient culture?

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