Thursday, August 18, 2005

WordBinder writes about A Book of Her Own and Coming Full Circle here: THanks, Bec!

At last night's vigil with Cindy Sheehan, a boy(maybe 11) and his older brother (maybe 15) stood in front of me. A woman recognized them and asked if she could take their picture for their "CO" file. I learned that this means "conscientous objector" file -- that these kids who might, in the future, be called during a military draft -- can then prove that they have a history of being against War.

I learned something new last night. I wonder how I can start my own "CO" file...the file that starts with evidence of being on the frontlines. I shared with Bec what Melba Maggay told me on this last visit to Manila: "the problem with intellectuals is that they get their information second-hand, mostly from other books; so they are quite impoverished in terms of their primary experiences, life as lived on the ground." This is what I am trying to balance.

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