Sunday, August 21, 2005

Barb has posted a photo of the Kaleo Cafe gig. It is always energizing to be in the company of good folks who are also good poets and storytellers.What was also heartwarming for me about this event is meeting K and V -- two would-be writers who didn't know each other and met for the first time yesterday. They both read my first book and I have corresponded separately with each of them. Well, they discovered that they were both Buddhists (and what are they keeping from the Roshi, I wonder?) and they are both health care professionals.

There was another guy who attended the event in the hopes of being introduced to "nice Filipina ladies" but since I was too busy to do so, I hope he didn't feel let down. He seemed really nice and genuine, though, and I trust my cousin (who sent him to me from southern CA)and his taste for good friends."

In the meantime, this was sent to me by Filipino gourmet cooks in London and elsewhere. Enjoy!

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