Thursday, June 16, 2005

IMPEACH -- I finally heard this word last night while listening to Democracy Now's Amy Goodman interview Rep. John Conyers. There is a hearing today on the so-called Downing Street Memo as evidence that the administration manipulated intelligence to go to war in Iraq -- and therefore this is unconstitutional. See more here.

I've not had a chance to catch my breath since the FAWN conference in NY, then a short week in Florida where I walked down a suburban street with a sand hill crane, went on a river boat trip on the Wikee Wachee to take photos of storks, pelicans, blue herons and other water creatures.

But this about sums up Florida: On Trouble Creek Rd there is a senior community; right next to it is an assisted living facility right next to a hospital right next to a hospice right next to a crematorium right next to a cemetery.

So the incentive is great for retirees to end their days in Florida. Plus there's no state income tax. Plus you can deduct $25,000/year for buying a new home under the "homestead act."

We drove all over two counties and nothing but new "deed" communities in areas that used to be wildlife refuge for all kinds of migratory birds.

And this clinched it for me: There was only one bookstore called "Books a Million" - in this wide swathe of development and strip malls.

Food is cheap ($2.99 for a big breakfast!) but surely we do not live by (cheap) food alone.

But my sister lives there now and we swam everyday in her pool and, in the evening, sat in the jacuzzi under the stars. A little oasis of comfort and familial love...and in the distance -- the trumpet call of the sand hill cranes.

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