Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I made the chatelaine cry...

Just received a beautiful card in the mail from Eileen; she says that A Book of Her Own made her cry...and she later sent this email:

Dear Leny,
I sent you a Congrats card today -- but it simply can't encapsulate the fabulousness of your Her Book.

And Perla did such an AWESOME job in the book design!!!!!

The book is beautiful in all possible layers of book-ness!Then, tonight, thinking about your "Dream" after reading my Reproductions, your dream was really wise and prescient. It occured to me today that Reproductions was about stuff I needed to leave behind to, indeed, find my own voice. And that own voice of mine is ... I TAKE THEE, ENGLISH, FOR MY BELOVED. But who'da thunk? You dreamt it and foresaw!


Here is the book page with the surreal ink drawing by Christina Quisumbing on the Dream that Eileen refers to:

The Gift of Dreams (p.43)

After reading Eileen Tabios' poems in Reproduction from an Empty Flagpole, I fell into a deep sleep and surreal dream.

A bare tree was dripping with blood and sinew. How could I have missed the violent impact? I cannot believe that you walked by with nonchalance on your face. I cannot believe that you walked into the church in the arms of a woman you charmed with your wily smile. You couldn't care less that the blood belonged to your child.

Ponder this: Blood is life. A bare tree is only temporarily dormant. Let him walk away. Give birth to your own child. (Click on book image for large detail).

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