Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I enjoyed Gura's post on pekpek power about her directorial debut at Bindlestiff of Dalagas and Tomboys. And I agree that she and Tatang are a perfect match. And speaking of perfect matches, cant' help howling at this story from Sister Mary Thesis (via Gura's blog). It is sometimes mind-boggling that in multiracial/multiethnic San Francisco people still stare at Filipino-white couples. And what is it about old white dudes who always want to tap you on the shoulder and tell you about some Filipina they know?

But here's an interesting intro by a Filipino man who is married to a white woman: Leny, this is C...she is the mother of my children. I don't know exactly how to read this. She started to walk away as he introduced her to me and didn't seem interested at all. Oh well.

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