Thursday, April 14, 2005

Welcome back, Rona!

Introducing Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor. I asked the great poet Ruth Mabanglo if she is related to Rebecca and she seems to think so although hasn't quite figured out how.

A few posts back, Eileen blogged about the new book I'm working on. It's finally off to the printer's with the title, A BOOK OF HER OWN: WORDS AND IMAGES TO HONOR THE BABAYLAN. There were a few titles I was toying with, e.g., Writing One's Place on the Map, or Writing as Making Peace with History, or Giving the Self a Home in Writing -- but none of them gave me a sense of calm. So I called my crone mentor and told her of my dilemma. With a few pointed questions she was able to draw this out of me: that this work was my way of honoring the babaylan spirit as guide, as lover, as muse. At first I wasn't sure whether the word "babaylan" in the title would turn-off a browser who didn't know its meaning. But the crone reminded me that the babaylan, not just the word but the world it represents, needs to become part of our daily vocabulary. So there.

Skimming through Rebecca's musings about literary genres (and the absence, it seems, of Filipino memorists) or the relatively latecomer - creative nonfiction - makes me wonder what kind of response A Book of Her Own will evoke.

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