Tuesday, March 01, 2005

If you want to hear Jean read one of her poems or see one of her drawings (more, please!) or see a photograph of her Mom and another of her Dad --here! Thanks, Jean! Also, I enjoyed the various links to "moving poetry"...regrettably, not enough time to allow myself to be hypnotized.

It didn't escape my notice that one of Barb's poems has been nominated for a PUSHCART! Go, Girl!

And did anyone notice that Evelina Galang just won a literary award? -- sorry, can't remember but it's in the recent Poets and Writers mag. I'll fetch the info later.

Speaking of new books: Building Diaspora: Filipino Cultural Formation on the Internet by Emily Ignacio and The Star-Entangled Banner: 100 Hundred Years of America in the Philippines by Sharon Delmendo.

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