Saturday, February 26, 2005

Reasons why you should subscribe to Yes!:

  1. The current issue is on "Media that set us free" featuring Amy GOodman, Bill Moyers and other journalists talking about the pressures on journalism/journalists as media outlets are consolidated by corporate conglomerates.
  2. Feature articles on different groups resisting corporate media and creating democractic media outlets. I specially liked the story about how the youth activists at KMEL (Oakland) successfully lobbied against Clear Channel's programming and were able to get their progressive youth program back on the air.
  3. Feature on Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai. Because her grandmother taught her to take care of the large fig tree near her family home because it was sacred and it was not to be disturbed, she would later establish the GreenBelt Movement in Kenya. Todate, this NGO has planted 30Million trees across Kenya.
  4. News that you will never read anywhere else. Did you know that Oberlin, Bard, Rutgers, U of Montana, Lake Forest College and other institutions have bowed to student pressure to discontinue use and sale of Coke products on their campus? This is in protest of the killing of a union activist and other human rights violations committed by paramilitary forces at the Colombia Coca Cola plant.
  5. Because Michael Leonen, Yes!' managing editor, is Filipino.

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