Friday, December 03, 2004

If the members of my clan lived nearby, will I have the skills, heart, and soul to interconnect our lives as well as Gura does with hers? This is still an echo from a previous post by Barb on how much we need our family and friends to support the work that we do.

In the absence of such support, we create new ones. At the Nov. 13 event, there were a few young second-generation graduate students who were lamenting the absence of Filipino American mentors in the academe, not to mention the usual absence in the texts. So we decide to form a support group.

Today, I start with posting Rachel's poem (see previous post). Rachel is a doctoral student at Univ. of San Francisco and she teaches French at a high school. She recently came back from a Fulbright summer fellowship to study Tagalog in the Philippines. She is looking for other Fil Ams who have attended previous or similar study programs who may want to "debrief" or just reminisce about the experience.

And thank you again, Bino, for your posts on Freirian pedagogy! For me there is no other way to teach.

I also feel the pressure to use technology in my classes, Jean! Many of the students already use powerpoint in their presentations. I have yet to get comfortable in this medium because it requires an adjustment in how I lecture, try to connect with students, etc. Perhaps as it becomes second nature, it gets better? More and more students are saying they are visual learners and demand visual materials as well. Do you notice that when you are lecturing the students are not taking notes? But when you start writing on the board, all of a sudden they start to write?

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