Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The spouse kept saying: This is the day that you need zen, dear!

Michael Moore's webpage reports voter intimidation in Ohio: retirement home residents having their ballots filled in by staff voting for Bush; young voters being turned away, etc.

I keep looking for reports of voter fraud...legal actions...discovery of tampered Diebold machines, hanging chads...but Kerry has conceded.

Reading Bino's, Eileen's, Jean's, Rona's blogs lend me a bit of solace.

I think of the Latin American countries voting for left-leaning leaders (Brazil's Lula, Venezuela's Chavez), growing indigenous movements, resistance movements.

I think about the anti-globalization movement. The new 527s that will continue citizen mobilization.

Bin Laden says he wants to bankrupt the US: For every dollar he spends on "terrorism," the US spends $1M.

I miss Dennis Kucinich.

Derrick Jensen is still talking to coyotes, dogs, chickens, geese. He is one of a growing number of advocates (i don't want to use the word "crusader" or "army") for unlearning/undoing one's addiction to western civilization.

Maybe this turn of events is exactly what the shaman ordered. Four more years of this to wake us up, shake us down.

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