Monday, November 29, 2004

Jean and her friend, Margo Ponce, has declared Nov. 29, National Ingrate Day. The caveat is that after you have whined, you must do something about any one item on the list...

Why I am UNthankful...

His second term - need I say more?
His black wife: Did you know that Condi was caught on camera almost calling him "my hhhhuuus....Pres. Bush"?
Gonzalez: a Latino doth not make a gentler Patriot Act.

Make-over shows, desperate wives, wife-swapping -- I'll turn you all into voyeurs!!

"WOW Philippines stands for "Watch our Women"!

The expensive honeysliced ham wasn't as good as it used to be.

My karaoke mike died on me.

(Jean, making this list is difficult!...so what to do with the above list? I guess I can start with turning off the tv (except at 11pm/Jon Stewart). Recycle the ham by panfrying it and adding brown sugar to make it into tocino, then make garlic fried rice, chop tomatoes, and vinegar for dipping. Don't forget to eat with hands. As for getting a new karaoke mike? nah!).

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