Saturday, November 27, 2004

Catching up....

Thanks, Michelle, for pointing me to your friend's response to the Nov. 13 symposium.

Since I missed Helen's public memorial on the 20th, I was happy to see an excerpt of it last night on TV Patrol, and Michelle's 30-second spiel on Helen as a mentor. Hope to hear more about the Helen Toribio Scholarship Foundation.

Rona: I hope you make it to Hedgebrook. I also submitted an application (for the first time to any writing colony) just to see what the experience might be like.

Barb: glad to hear the family is coming around to fully appreciating what it is you do as a poet -- and what an amazing year this has been for you, girl! I wish I can say the same for some members of my family. Sometimes this is the support we need the most and when we spend most of our family time pretending our work does not matter to our relationship, then we feel just a bit diminished, unappreciated.

Achilles' saga -- you have been on my mind since your operation. I hope you will recover fully!...

I hope the recent conflict between the "blacklisted" scholars and the Philippine Consulate will be the necessary impetus to draw the Consulate officials into a dialogue with the Filipino American community. This, together, with the recent Oct. 1st event, creates an urgency for such need. In a series of backchannels with a community leader, we agreed that there is a cultural and generational gap between the Consulate folks and the Fil Am community's issues that need to be made more explicit. If I had the time, I'd write about this but it will be another dissertation.

Jean! I didn't know that you are a serious jazz fan and reviewer.

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