Thursday, October 21, 2004

I was going to write about Helen's memorial last night but after reading Barb's and Rona's posts on the memorial, I find myself sobbing again...even this morning while walking around Spring Lake, waves of grief come and go.

I think of Michelle's eulogy about Helen's love of sci-fi and magic and it makes me think about why I feel that Helen is different from other activists I have encountered. Most activists I know have a sharp edge around them, seething with anger at injustice, and they always sound whiny. They never let up; they never know when to let go. They have a tremendous sense of responsibility but they never know when to surrender it.

Helen was an activist. But she was also an artist. An artist believes in magic. To believe in magic is to believe in the sacredness of everything. To imbue everything with magic is to make the ordinary extraordinary. Helen understood this equation and simply lived it. No baggage. She traveled light.

Lessons I'm trying to learn...

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